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Track Name: Week 2 - Common Sense
Track Name: Week 5 - Auction House (Wisconsin and O)
Deep in the night when the sauna wind blows
You can hear the wailing echo of all the lost souls
Take a wild guess how many lives were sold
It all went down at Wisc and O

I got a feeling
I need a bag
Pointy elf shoes
Red tag
You know you gotta haggle
Talk ‘em down
I need a bag
For walking downtown

Tryin to move closer but my boots are stuck in mud
Is that gallows or a stage? Are they selling drugs?
I gotta get to the canal before I'm late for work
Wading through these rich folks, what a bunch of jerks

Down to the river then swimming upstream
Make our way to Philly then join the other team
There’s only one way out you gotta get on that train
Don’t stop running till you get up north of Maine
Track Name: Week 7 - Snow Day (Observatory Place)
We were the last 3 on the block
Pushing hard on 1 o’clock
It was snowing cats and dogs

Should have known it wasn’t right
When he took out a toy pipe

2 minutes it all went wrong
I'm surprised it took that long
I looked around for more logs

I started sweeping the walk
Cuz I could no longer talk

The kids built tunnels all day long
Make the walls thick and strong
Ice tables and chairs

We ate snow ice cream
Lit by flashlight beam

Didn't wanna help no more
Tom showed me the door
"why can't you be more like Bruce?"

We stayed out too late
Our toes turned a blue shade

Tried to say "I should be going"
2 feet down and still snowing
I saw my hat on the ground
Closed the door and fell down
Track Name: Week 8 - Tycho Brahe (37th Street)
Got it all wrong till Kepler came a long

Party's all over time to sing the last song

The hands I have refuse to measure time
I should remove my nose and learn to fly
Crash landing is always a big surprise. Where can I hide?

Take off
Rocket dream
I coulda hit the moon with my feet

Dim lights
Noodle arms
Heading for rocks should've stayed in my seat

Lots of interesting things behind your tv
Centers of attraction are floating behind me
My bladder introduced me to the ceiling. I gotta go!


Slowly slowly gain control of my friction
Have to invent an unbelievable fiction
Not what I had in mind for the final depiction. 12 long years!

Got it all wrong till Kepler came a long

Party's all over time to sing the last song
Track Name: Week 11 - River
Like an ice cold shadow
Walking on a wire
With too many guitars
Thrown on the fire

Light years away till
It's not even funny
Forgotten how it feels
Or the taste of honey

Following this old trail
Down to the river
It's pitch black
All slimy and shiver

Wish I had a car
With shiny wheels
Wish I had a plane
But I'm wearing out my heels

I've been wandering
Too far from home

Some people like
The taste of poison
I like the taste
Of louden noisen

You can take your candy store
Throw it away
I'll take a jawbreaker
Work it all day

I've been wandering
Too far from home
I've been wondering

Like a long lost Sputnik
Beeping beeping beeping
Like an ancient memory
Waking my sleeping

The river flows
Out to the sea
The magnets are all
Connected to me

I've got a compass
To get me home
I've got a spyglass
And a rotten bone

Everything's black and white
But she's in color
Can't wait to get back
I'll have another!

I've been wandering
Too far from home
I've been wondering